Cys-Pseudoproline Building Blocks (Thiazolidines)


PeptART Bioscience GmbH offers various Cys-Pseudoproline Building Blocks derived from Cys (Thiazolidines). The range of products is continuously enlarged.  Please inquire for products that are not listed here.

2,4-Dimethoxyphenyl-Cys-Pseudoproline Building Blocks

Dipeptide building blocks containing Cys(Psi(Dmp,H)pro) are compatible with standard Fmoc/tBu protocols and can be cleaved with 80% TFA in DCM.

Dimethyl-Cys-Pseudoproline Building Blocks

Dipeptide building blocks containing Cys(Psi(Me,Me)pro) are versatile tools for structure disruption, avoid aggregation and increase yield during peptide synthesis. Ring opening with 10% TFMSA/TFA.

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Catalog prices apply to research grade material. Prices for GMP starting material, bulk and customized packaging upon request.