PeptART Bioscience GmbH
Amino Acid Derivatives, Pseudoprolines, Peptides

Supply of GMP Starting Materials

All oxazolidine Pseudoproline Building Blocks and many other products are also available as GMP Starting Materials up to several tens of kg.

PeptART Service for Supply of GMP Starting Materials includes:

-        Excellent chemical purity (most HPLC > 99.5%), customer specific specifications upon request

-        Free from AcOH (no acetic acid nor related esters used in process)

-        Full traceability (materials and operations)

-        Non animal/non human/no GMO source raw materials - BSE/TSE/GMO certificate

-        Validated analytical methods

-        Detailed Certificate of Analysis (COA) providing specifications, test limits and results, retest date

-        Change Control and Deviation management

A quality agreement with our customers allows us to make precise arrangements to meet your company-specific
requirements in order to tailor our products and documentation to your particular needs.

This service is available not only for the Pseudoprolines, but for all our products including custom synthesis. Please contact us.